Is Jailbreaking dead in the water or can iOS 7.1 Jailbreak save it?

Jailbreak iOS 7.1There are some who say that the jailbreak community should face facts – jailbreaking is dead.  IOS 7 saw to that by the sheer fact that it now contains dozens of features that are based on jailbreak apps.

That’s their view anyway.  There is an even bigger group who say, no way is jailbreaking dead.  In fact, they say that iOS 7 has given the jailbreak community anew lease of life.  They say that, despite the obvious copying of jailbreak ideas, the new firmware and hardware contains a lot of possibilities for developers and hackers.

Take the iPhone 5S and the new iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 Retina.  All three have a brand new 64-bit processor on board.  Not only that, they have a new M7 Motion Control Coprocessor.  Add to that the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor and there you have at least three new possibilities for jailbreak apps.

Let’s take a quick look at, and answer if we can, the three main reasons why some people say that jailbreaking is dead:

  1. More and more people are upgrading to newer hardware and don’t need to jailbreak now.

That statement has just been answered – newer hardware and newer firmware gives developers more options.

  1. All the best jailbreak apps are now in iOS 7/7.1.

So they are but as anyone who is used to jailbreaking will tell you, what Apple has given you is only a fraction of what Cydia and the app developers give you.  Even the jailbreak apps they have used only have half the functionality of the real jailbreak app.

  1. Developers are not coming up with any new apps for Cydia

Now, that simply isn’t true.  Every day new jailbreak apps are being submitted to Cydia, new apps with new features and all compatible with iOS 7/7.1.  And, let’s not forget, many of the jailbreak apps that are already in Cydia have to be worked on to make them compatible with the new iOS firmware.

Really and truthfully, those who think that jailbreaking is dead are just harbingers of doom.  They have no real argument and no valid points to make.

The jailbreak community works hard to stay alive and to stay ahead of the game.  Apple may keep on trying to bury jailbreaking but it simply won’t happen.  As far as Apple’s firmware evolves, the jailbreakers are always one or two steps ahead and that’s the way it will always be.

So, is jailbreaking dead in the water?  No, it’s alive and kicking and, with iOS 7.1 in the offing it’s about to get even bigger and better than before.

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3 iPhone Jailbreaking Solutions That Will Transform Your Apple Device

Hello people.

Hope you are all doing well.

I wanted to write a bit today about some software I have used recently for jailbreaking the iPhone 5 series that has allowed me to make modifications to my phone and download a lot more music.

There is a lot of software out there to choose from for jailbreaking. Of course all of the sites claim to be the best, but I have found that this isn’t the case and I have personally used quite a few sites to jailbreak different iPhone models including the 5, 5c and 5s. Some were good experiences and some were bad. I had to learn through trial and error, so I thought I would put my personal favorite out there to help you guys out. Maybe you can avoid the expense of the whole trial and error thing for your device that I had to go through.

Since I have found reliable jailbreaking software, I have felt so much freedom with my iPhone 5 series. I can download so many more apps from Cydia than I could just using Apple.  The jailbreak also works on the iPod, iPad, and pretty much any other iDevice including the new iPhone 5c and 5s models. I have used it on all of them and I can tell you, I don’t know what I did before. There’s a reason it’s called jailbreaking, and I have to assume that it’s because after you jailbreak your device, you realize how imprisoned it really was before without Cydia and better apps.

A quick word of warning before I go into my picks. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to jailbreak your phone completely by yourself. All it takes is one misstep and you will brick, or make useless, your iPhone rather than jailbreaking it. You could erase your contacts, apps, and just about everything else on the device. The jailbreaking sites I am including here I know to be safe and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about bricking your phone or other devices.

I have 3 favorite sites, and these are the ones I absolutely stick to now for jailbreaking. I will talk about each one and what I dealt with when I used the jailbreak software.

So in order from my top pick to bottom pick, here we go:

1. iJailbreak Pro (Top rated – Editors choice)

This jailbreaking site is nothing short of excellent. I use iJailbreak Pro frequently for my devices and recommend it to everyone I know because it is the absolute best jailbreaking software I have seen to date. As a matter-of-fact, since I have found this amazing jailbreaking service I won’t even consider using any other software to jailbreak with unless I am faced with no other choice.

The directions are illustrated and easy to follow, so you can’t mess up. You also get a lifetime membership comes with the download, which shows just how caring these guys actually are. They aren’t out just to make a buck or two by pretending to jailbreak an iPhone 5 series, they actually do it.

Speaking of which, I have used customer support a couple of times for some general questions I had. The guy (who was actually the owner) was extremely competent and really eager to help me. He gave me a lot of tips for getting more usage from my jailbroken iPhone such as using Cydia for more apps. I couldn’t ask for better customer service.

The download only takes about 4 minutes, way better than anything else I have used in the past. The software also includes an unlock exploit for the iPhone 5 as well as the 5c and 5s. That means you can actually choose a different carrier without breaking any contracts or going through complicated means. A lot of sites only offer jailbreaking, so you have to pay separately for an unlock, however with iJailbreak Pro it is straightforward and easy.

Anyway I rate them 10 out of 10. I can use the software with confidence and have never had a problem. Plus, the customer support is fantastic. See their site here.

2. Apple Unlocker

I came across this jailbreaking software a while before I found iJailbreak Pro. So I have used it quite a few times on my own iDevices and my friends iPhone 5 series as well. When I first found it I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread once installed, but then I found iJailbreak Pro with their fantastic jailbreaking solution and Apple Unlocker quickly hit second place for jailbreaking services.

The main reason these jailbreakers slid down my chart is their customer support. They have no phone number to reach an actual live person. All they have is a public email address, and they get back to you at a snail’s pace. One they took a  full 24 hour day before they managed to get back to me. Sending a letter for answers would probably be as quick and I missed out on a lot of texts and social network updates in that time I was waiting for confirmation from the service.

The software download does take a while. Sometimes it takes 17 or 18 minutes or longer before fully installed. I have trouble sitting through a commercial break, so for me, it might as well be forever. I always found myself getting frustrated having to wait, especially when I installed the software for someone else or needed to go somewhere.

On the upside, I did at least understand the jailbreaking directions. They’re simple and the software worked to jailbreak my iPhone and whoever else’s I was using it for to jailbreak at the time. So I can at least trust it to do what it’s supposed to. I would use the software again if the iJailbreak Pro site was down or otherwise unavailable.

I rate them 7 out of 10. They could use a little work on their formatting and customer service issues, but otherwise they are good for  jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone or related device. Check out the site here.

3. iJailbreak Tool

I’ve seen worse solutions out there for iPhone jailbreaking. I used this software before I got around to iJailbreak Pro and Apple Unlocker. I am listing it because it does work and it’s reliable but it’s a headache at best.

The directions are a complete nightmare. The author obviously doesn’t speak good English, so you get a jumbled mess and similar to something you might find on one of those free language translators on Google or through a smartphone app (you know, the ones where you type in the sentence, select the language, and it automatically translates). They just make no sense to English readers! I was so confused I had to email customer support to get them to clear everything up for me and provide answers.

Thankfully the support team got back to me pretty quickly although not as quickly as other jailbreaking solutions. I would have been pissed if I’d had to call them, because the only number they list is one in India. As far as I am concerned, there might as well not be a phone number to call because who wants to pay that much for long distance charges just to download, install and use jailbreaking software?

Basically, I wouldn’t use them for jailbreaking if I didn’t have to jailbreak or unlock an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s but I would still use this software before I would chance my luck at trying a random site or software that I know nothing about. I have had my fill of those.

I rate them a 5 out of 10. They only get that good of a rating because their jailbreaking software is reliable and works on iPhone’s and Apple devices. Other than that I would normally use another solution to jailbreak. You can check them out here.

So that’s my review.

I hope you guys found it useful and it helped with some Apple iPhone 5 series jailbreaking questions.

Thanks for reading and oh, think of me when you are breaking out of Apple prison with a fantastic new jailbroken device filled with potential and the latest apps.

Speak soon.

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Top 11 Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 7.1

The iPhone first came out in 2007 and jailbreaking was born a short time later. While the jailbreak software has evolved along with the iOS firmware, the reasons for jailbreaking have remained very much the same.

With each new firmware that is launched, Apple adds in a few new features, some of which are blatant attempts at copying jailbreak apps. iOS 7, the latest major firmware launch is proof of that. Apple is now up to iOS 7.1 as they desperately try to keep on top of problems that keep arising with the firmware.

Some of you may be wondering if it really is worth jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad now so here, to help you make up your minds are the top 11 reasons to jailbreak iOS 7.0.1:

Quick Access to System Settings
Even though Apple has now included this in iOS 7.1, they haven’t given you everything a jailbreak app will give you. Try downloading SBSettings or NCSettings from Cydia and you’ll see the difference immediately.

Full Customization
This is really the first reason for jailbreaking, the ability to customize your iOS device as you see fit. Apple places quite strict limitations on you and jailbreaking lets you bypass those restrictions and make your device look and feel exactly as you want it to. Springtomize 2 is an amalgamation of dozens of apps, all of which give you the ability to fully customize.

Shortcuts Galore
Jailbreaking brings great opportunities for those who want to make more out of their device. There are a number of apps that let you set shortcuts and swipe gestures to make navigating your device much quicker. Activator is the most popular jailbreak app for this.

Better Lock Screen Functionality
Again, Apple has now given the iOS 7 lock screen a bit more a reason for living but not as much as jailbreaking does. Where Apple dictates what will work from the lock screen, a number of jailbreak apps will let you have whatever you want on there. Try LockInfo or IntelliscreenX.

iOS Device Security
Apple has FindMyiPhone. They also have their new security feature, Activation Lock. What they don’t have is an app that actually photographs the thief who stole your iOS device. Take a look in Cydia and you will find a number of apps that do this, as well as emailing you the picture with a set of GPS co-ordinates. These kinds of apps are set to photograph anyone who attempts your lock code incorrectly. Here are also those that stop the device from being switched off and others that help you to lock down and wipe the iOS device so your data is safe.

Better Message App Options
Most iOS users are in agreement that the current native Message App is a bit stale. It’s also cumbersome to operate. BiteSMS is a great jailbreak app that speeds your messaging up and allows you to Quick Reply and Quick Compose messages from the Notification Center.

Change Your Default Apps
With any iOS firmware, you are limited to the default apps that Apple thinks you should have. With jailbreaking, you can change that. You can change your default Maps app, your browser, you can even replace Siri with an alternative. Look for BrowserChooser, BrowserChanger, NowNow, and other similar apps in Cydia.

Set Your Own Ringtones
Apple does provide quite a variety of ringtones for you to choose from but wouldn’t it be great to have yours set as your favorite song? You can use tunes that you have purchased or downloaded from iTunes but bot those that you have downloaded from elsewhere. A simple jailbreak app called AnyRing makes that possible.

Password Protection on Apps and Folders
This is a level security that Apple doesn’t provide in what is meant to be the most secure mobile platform in the world. Jailbreaking allows you to set passwords on individual apps and folders to stop other people from easily accessing them. Look for apps like Folder Passcode and icon Passcode.

A New Look App Switcher
While the iOS 7.1 app switcher has been altered it still isn’t as good as the one that popular jailbreak app, Auxo, gives you. This app allows you to see the current state of your apps in card format as well as a whole host of other goodies.

Replace Finder and Explorer
If you use Finder on the Mac or Explorer on Windows, you might be missing them on iOS. iFile is a neat jailbreak app that does the same job of managing your files and sharing them with others.

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Top iOS 7, 7.0.6 and iOS 7.1 Jailbreaks for iPhone 4/s and iPhone 5/s/c

Hi all! Hope you are doing well!

I have been jailbreaking a lot of iPhone 4’s and 5’s for my friends over the past couple weeks or so. People are pretty excited about their iOS version 7’s, and they have figured out how much more they can get out of a jailbroken iPhone!  There’s a lot of information floating around “out there” on the net about jailbreaks, and I have been getting a lot of questions about what’s the best ios 7 jailbreak. I’ve been testing different iPhone 4 and 5 jailbreaks for iOS 7-7.0.6 and even 7.1. I’ve been jailbreaking iOS 7 since the first beta version for developers came out – so I thought I would clue you guys in!

A Jailbreak IS available

iphone5A lot of people lately have claimed that there is not yet a jailbreak available for iPhone 4/s and 5/s/c running ios 7+, but this is a false claim. There is a jailbreak available for all the iOS 7.x’s. It just isn’t been released for free this time because of Apple’s tendency to fix the security issues that made the jailbreak possible in the first place. They tend not to notice so quickly if the jailbreak doesn’t become too popular too fast, so it has been a little difficult to find. That is why I have checked out the good and bad and come up with the best solutions for you.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking gives you a ton of new options on your iPhone. Before you jailbreak your phone, you only have access to the regular iTunes Apps store and all the apps that Apple approved. But after jailbreaking your iPhone, you have Cydia, a whole new app store where most of the best stuff is actually free. These apps are not approved by Apple because they’re very powerful, and can do things with your phone that regular phones are not “allowed to” (for example, you can record phone calls, or put double as many icons on the homepage etc etc). You can download screen savers, pictures, themes and ringtones. You can even make your iPhone look like an Android if you want!

Top ios 7 jailbreaks for iPhone 4/s and iPhone 5/s/c

The jailbreaks I will talk about in a moment are easy to use, and even if you make a mistake you don’t have to worry because have a support team to help you if you get confused, which isn’t likely. You almost have to try to mess this thing up, even if you aren’t tech savvy.

One more thing, and this is important. I really recommend that you do not ever  try to hack your phone by yourself, with some of the software hackers online use. Unless you are a hacker, you don’t know what you’re doing and you are putting your phone at risk of being bricked.

That means you may lose all of your apps, contacts, history, everything… I have done it before and it only took one time for me to learn my lesson, and what an expensive lesson it was! Always use trusted software solutions with proper customer support – like the ones below – and you won’t have to worry about messing up your iPhone.

#1 iJailbreak Pro (editor’s best choice for iOS 7 – 7.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 4’s and iPhone 5’s!)

I recently came across these guys and they have impressed me from day one! Of all of the jailbreaks I have done, this has absolutely been my favorite software to use. Not to mentions these guys are the only ones I have seen who have the kahoonas to advertise the iOS 7 jailbreak on their sales page. They must be pretty confident that it works! The other guys are too scared of their stuff not really working out too well and pressure from Apple. Oh well.

I have used these guys quite a few times to jailbreak iOS 7 on various dwevices. I have never had a jailbreak take longer than 5 minutes to complete. Plus they have a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so you really don’t have to risk anything. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you can always go back to factory settings without any problem.

When you do the jailbreak, you also get unlock included in the price. Now that is something I haven’t seen elsewhere! Most of the time you get one or the other. Unlocking, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, means that you can use any carrier you want, as long as you get a sim card, and you don’t have to deal with contracts.

Customer support definitely deserves mentioning here. I talked to the guy who runs the site, and I could tell he really cares and isn’t in it just for the money. He really wants to help people get the most out of their iPhones. He gave me a lot of good advice and took the time to tell me a lot of little extra things that I didn’t know about, for which I was very grateful.

I give them a 10 out of 10! The jailbreak is very fast, the customer support is fantastic and the price is very reasonable. Check out their site here.

#2 Apple Unlocker

It has been a while since I have done a jailbreak using these guys. They aren’t too bad, but iJailbreak Pro is a lot better so I go with them. Apple Unlocker used to be my favorite, though, so I know the software does work. But it takes a bit longer. I have waited around 20 minutes for a jailbreak to complete a couple of times.

One word of warning if you do use this site, customer support isn’t too great. I have had to contact them a couple of times and because they have no phone number listed I had to contact them through email. It took them almost a full 24 hours to get back to me. That means I missed texts, calls, and couldn’t do anything else with my phone for that entire time. I wasn’t pleased.

They are decently priced, but they don’t offer all the little extras that come with iJailbreak Pro, so I would really only backtrack to these guys if the iJailbreak Pro site were down or otherwise unavailable.

I give them a 7 out of 10. Their software does what it is supposed to do but they really need to be more efficient with jailbreak times and customer support. Check out their site here.

#3 iJailbreak Tool

Alright. The other two options are much, much better than this one. As a matter-of-fact, I actually only recommend iJailbreak Tool as a last resort, because it is better than trying to use the hacker guides I warned you about earlier. Other than that, you will find endless frustration with this site.

Customer support is the worst. They do have a phone number listed, but it is in India, so good luck with that unless you have an awesome calling plan or feel like paying an outrageous phone bill. They have an email option, but it takes a few hours for them to get back to you, and even then it is hard to understand what they are saying because of the lack of native English communication skills.

The instructions they provide are the same way- written by non native English speakers. So they are nearly impossible to get through. Very frustrating!

Then there is the time… It takes nearly 30 minutes to do the jailbreak. Every. Single. Time. Ugh! I am not a patient person. Period. So this is even worse for me than trying to navigate the instructions.

I give these guys a 5 out of 10, just because I know the software works. Other than that, though, avoid the headache if possible. Check them out here.

To sum it up

All in all my favorite iOS 7+ jailbreak solution for iPhone 4’s and 5’s is iJailbreak Pro. Check them out and buy with confidence.

You can use the other 2 and get a jailbreak without compromising your phone. However, you will get slower jailbreak time and customer support isn’t as reliable.

Either way, good luck and enjoy! I hope this article helps  :)

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The Benefits Of An iOS 7 Jailbreak

ios7aNowadays, many people have discovered new ways on how to make the most of their mobile devices. Perhaps, you may have heard about the process of jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreaking is commonly confused with the process of unlocking a phone. The latter simply allows you to use your phone with service providers other than the carrier of your phone. Jailbreaking is the process of altering the settings of your iPhone, thus allowing you to obtain different apps, especially the ones which are not available in the App store. Jailbreaking offers the freedom to customize your iPhone.

One primary advantage of jailbreaking iPhones is the ability to convert them into Wi-Fi hotspots. Nowadays, there are more advantages presented to us aside from this one. Originally, the process of jailbreaking an iPhone was brought about by several reasons. Before, jailbreaking only offers the functionality of zooming in and out on pictures, customizing on the background, as well as uploading videos on YouTube. However, with the new iOS updates, these capabilities are already available. Thus, there is no need to jailbreak your phone. Still, with the introduction of iOS7, many people still want to find more features than what they currently have.

In order to fully understand what jailbreaking can offer to iOS7 users, it is vital to understand what this operating system is capable of. Before iOS7 surfaced, there were certain jailbreak tweaks available for many. However, just like the previous versions, iOS7 seemed to provide an answer to those who attempted to alter the settings of the operating system. For instance, Auxo is considered as one of the most famous iOS6 tweaks created, because it has given life to a boring app switcher. However, with iOS7, control center and multitasking has completely outdone the jailbreaking tweak.

Still, if you think that iOS7 cannot be altered, you will certainly be left thinking what you’re missing out if you don’t jailbreak iOS7. With an untethered iOS7 jailbreak, you will see the most amazing things that your iPhone can do. For example, a jailbreak can be done in order to allow ‘lock screen drawer’, which adds a menu (pull down) on the lock screen. This allows slight toggles for Bluetooth, WI-Fi, hotspot and airplane mode easier to do. Indeed, the concepts surrounding the process of jailbreaking ranges from simple tweaks to farfetched concepts.

For simple tweaks, you can do simple things such as altering the system in order to create ‘Do Not Disturb Concept’. This tweak may seem very simple, however, it is quite special and different from the other types of tweaks. The more complicated ones may need to be done with the help of a professional who can ensure you the reliability of your phone after jailbreaking is done. All you need to do is to carefully pay attention to the instructions given by the professional and follow them accordingly. Then, you are assured of an even better phone or mobile gadget functionality with the help of the jailbreaking tweaks. A lot of people have witnessed to this capability. You can also do so.

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Top Myths About iOS 7 Jailbreaking


Jailbreaking is the art of unlocking the iOS in order to allow the user to use the operating system with no limits or boundaries. The iOS7 was recently launched by Apple. It has a better interface and is more visually appealing. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with limitations like the other versions of iOS. The good news is that it is possible to have one’s iOS 7 jailbroken. Unfortunately there are plenty of top myths about iOS7 jailbreaking that discourage individuals owning the iOS7 from having their iPhones or iPads jailbroken by experts.

One of the top myths that pertains to iOS 7 jailbreaking is that it isn’t possible. The truth is that both tethered jailbreaking and untethered jailbreaking are very much possible in case of iOS 7. Of course the tethered version would be a tad easier than the untethered one. Irrespective of which version of jailbreak one chooses for one’s iOS 7, it is best to have the same done by an expert who is well-versed with the art of jailbreaking the latest version of iOS from Apple.

Another top myth surrounding iOS 7 is that this is an illegal process. Jailbreaking is simply the process of unlocking certain areas of the software so that you can enjoy using the applications or apps in a more unrestrained manner. Any statement that declares that jailbreaking is illegal is completely false. According to the Copyright office, jailbreaking is officially legal as long as one doesn’t do it for the sake of creating pirate apps. This means that one no longer has to hold back on the thought of jailbreaking one’s iOS 7 and be able to enjoy all the benefits of having this legal process done.

Amongst the top myths about iOS7 jailbreaking one of them is that the process affects the functionality of the Apple operating system, causes irreparable damage and makes it difficult to have iPhones running smoothly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Jailbreaking will in no way harm your iPhone or your iOS. Of course, like always, you just have to be careful about the apps that you install. For instance, if you install a faulty app or an app filled with malware and virus then you are definitely going to cause some degree of damage to your iOS 7 but that doesn’t mean that jailbreaking caused the problem.

Jailbreaking affects the battery life of your iPhone. This is another popular myth that surrounds iOS 7 jailbreaking. The truth is that jailbreaking does not have any impact on the battery life of your device whatsoever. Of course time-saving or cool tweaks to your iPhone after having your iOS 7 jailbroken can affect your battery life therefore it is always advisable to have such apps installed in moderation and not to go overboard with the same. If you notice that your battery is getting drained at a faster rate then you might want to review the apps that are running and try to find out the culprit or uninstall some unnecessary ones.

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Tips On Jailbreaking iOS 7

ios 7a

At present, jailbreaking is one of the best used techniques by iPhone lovers all over the world. It is an apt choice for all people who wish to unleash the tech potentials of gadgets. How to jailbreak an Apple gadget? This question is quite common among many youngsters all over the world. Generally, jailbreaking procedure changes little by little with each gadget upgrade. In this article, we are going to see the how to jailbreak the latest Apple gadgets and the benefits of doing it. Before starting the procedure of jailbreaking, you need to have a computer with iTunes, relevant software and iOS software to complete the process.

Tips on jailbreaking iOS 7

Today, jailbreaking is compatible with all latest iOS gadgets. To save files, it is recommended to back up files before starting the jailbreaking process. To back up the files by default, never hesitate to run a sync. After ensuring that the device is running on latest iOS, open iTunes and try to manage update. Apart from iOS 7, following Jailbreak works good on other operating systems like iOS 6.0, 6.0.1 and 6.1.2. Before starting the jailbreaking procedure, try to download the required software for jailbreaking in computer. Next, connect the Apple gadget with computer and run the downloaded software. If there is any password lock, just unlock it until the jailbreaking procedure is completed. Now, you are ready to do jailbreaking for your favorite iPhone.

Open the web browser in Apple gadget with iOS 7 and visit the website that provides jailbreaking. If your device is compatible, just click on the option “slide to jailbreak”. If your device is not compatible, site won’t show the above specified message. When you click the message “slide to jailbreak”, you can find that the device is downloading and installing jailbreaking automatically. Usually, jailbreaking won’t take much time to complete. Depending on time, jailbreaking may complete its downloading within five minutes time interval.

After completing automatic running and installation of software, just reboot the device to ensure the working of all links in jailbreaking process. If your device with iOS 7 is jailbroken, you can see the message “Cydia”. Generally, Cydia is the app store for all jailbroken devices. At present, you can find many sites online offering jailbreaking for specific charges. Hence, it is advised to keep notice about the site before starting the jailbreaking procedure.

There are several advantages of applying jailbreaking in iPhones. If you wish to add new features to your favorite iOS7 gadget, jailbreaking is an apt choice for you. You can follow either tethered jailbreaking or untethered jailbreaking in iOS 7. When compared to tethered jailbreaking, untethered one is quite easy and comfortable. Untethered procedure won’t need user to connect Apple device to the computer. Generally, Apple devices won’t allow users to customize ringtones, record videos and change the appearance. Introducing a jailbreaking technique on Apple devices allows owners to access third party apps without any difficulty. Third party apps are not usually distributed through Apple’s App store. If you wish to access third party apps from developer, never hesitate to do jailbreaking in your iOS 7 gadget.

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